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Out-of-pocket costs & pricing

Now, more than ever, it’s important to refer your UnitedHealthcare patients to labs that are in-network.

Choosing an in-network lab like Quest Diagnostics can save you and your patients money. Our nationwide footprint and status as a UnitedHealthcare Preferred Laboratory Network lab means you and your patients benefit from routine and advanced testing at the right price.

In many states and for certain employer groups, only in-network lab providers will be reimbursed by UnitedHealthcare (UHC) for lab testing, and using out-of-network labs may lead to additional patient out-of-pocket expenses.

Referring your patients to in-network labs offers many benefits:

Potentially higher incentives for you

You may receive higher UnitedHealthcare distributed incentive payments by sending more UHC patients to a Preferred Laboratory Network provider.


A UnitedHealthcare in-network provider (physician) must have a Provider-Based Contract (PBC) to be eligible for the Preferred Lab Network incentive.

Make us your preferred lab & potentially higher incentives for providers

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