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Help employees rebound from deferred care

Webinar: Helping employees rebound from deferred care

Recorded on February 23, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET with HR Executive


Employees have deferred routine care due to COVID-19. In fact, there was an estimated 70% decrease in doctor’s visits during the pandemic, and nearly 1 in 3 Americans who have a chronic medical condition say that their condition has worsened since the pandemic began. Prior to the pandemic 74% of large employers sponsored yearly biometric screenings, but COVID-19 has changed the business landscape from a primarily on-site to remote work environment. This has caused some employers to pause traditional on-site programs like biometric screenings.1

The combination of employees deferring care and employers pausing well-being programs has created a significant risk for chronic disease progression. In this ever-changing work environment, do employer-sponsored screening programs play a role in decreasing incidences of chronic conditions? And can a traditional, one-size-fits-all screening program be effective in the new normal of America’s workforce?

Quest Diagnostics works with thousands of employers nationwide to help improve employee health. Join this webinar to hear experts from Quest Diagnostics discuss the impact deferred care is having on America’s workforce according to laboratory data and find out if clinical screening insights move the needle when it comes to health improvement.


  • Wendi Mader, Executive Director, Enterprise and Employer Population Health, Quest Diagnostics
  • Dr. Steven Goldberg, Vice President, Medical Affairs and Population Health, Healthcare Management, Quest Diagnostics

We're here to help your employees rebound from deferred care.

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