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The Laboratory Leadership Journey

Navigating the three stages of a lab leader's career path

The laboratory leadership journey can be grouped into three stages: peer to frontline leader, frontline leader to middle manager, and middle manager to senior leader. Aspiring leaders will face various challenges at each stage of leadership, so finding mentors and gaining the right skill set in advance will help you handle these novel challenges more efficiently.

Since each journey is unique, leaders will experience different potholes and detours along their individual routes. As you plan for the next stage in your career, know that the general concept here is to build your skills as you progress throughout the various leadership stages, and be aware that each company will have different structures or titles. This road map for the laboratory leadership journey will provide long-term success for laboratory professionals. 

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Written by Tammy Germini, MBA, MT(ASCP), Executive Director, Operations-Health Systems for Quest Diagnostics.