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Building a Culture of Lab Stewardship | A Survey of Lab Leaders

White Paper

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Management & Operations

Powering Affordable Care with lab stewardship solutions that drive strategic goals

When you’re able to provide the right diagnostics to the right person at the right time — the top objective of most lab stewardship programs — the quality of care goes up, patient outcomes improve, fewer tests are wasted, and costs go down. For insights into the current state of lab stewardship programs that leading-edge health systems are using to enhance lab operations, read this white paper featuring results from a recent Quest Diagnostics survey. Also, learn about the benefits and limitations of lab stewardship programs so you can determine the best course of action for your organization. Quest Diagnostics can help your hospital or health system transition the laboratory from a clinical support role to that of a true strategic partner. Your lab can be a clinical driver to achieve positive patient outcomes and a business driver to propel the organization and goals forward. Learn how and contact Quest to learn more.

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Page Published: September 13, 2022