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Due to the global information outage that occurred this morning, Quest is taking swift action to respond, recover and restore our operations. Our Patient Services are operating with reduced capacity so you may experience longer wait and service times. Our Customer Contact teams are currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work toward returning to normal operations. 


Help control escalating capital equipment and supply costs with the right supply chain partner

Hospital labs faced a myriad challenges leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are now confronting even more (and new) obstacles coming out of it. The crushing financial impact of the pandemic, coupled with the industry-wide push to deliver on The Triple Aim, has placed budgets under more scrutiny than ever before.

At Quest Diagnostics, we understand the immense pressures you face to deliver the best quality care while reducing costs. That’s why we’ve created a supply chain solution to help save money on lab supplies without compromising on patient care.

A supply chain partnership allows you to purchase lab supplies and equipment at a more favorable price, so that you can allocate savings to other areas of your organization. By bringing together our operational and supply chain management services, state-ofthe-art technologies, and expertise at every level, cost and quality come together without compromise—for your patients and for your hospital.

Our supply chain services empower your organization to:

This supply chain solution not only offers lower prices on lab supplies and equipment, but also includes a dedicated, expert processor who works on-site at your lab to manage and reorder inventory as stock is depleted. This processor will work with you to understand your lab’s unique needs and ensure that you always have the necessary supplies on hand.

Don’t let high lab supply costs and scarcity impact your health system’s ability to thrive. Let’s work together and start saving today.

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