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We have restored nearly all systems affected by the global information outage, and welcome patients to visit our Patient Service Centers. To reschedule a missed appointment, please visit our online scheduling site.   


California Data Exchange Framework

California Data Exchange Framework

The California Data Exchange Framework (CADxF) is intended to promote the secure and prompt exchange of Health and Social Services Information (HSSI) among required participants to improve health outcomes for Californians.  

For more information about the CADxF, please refer to their site:

For more information about how Quest fulfills the CADxF requirements, please see the applicable section below. 


Patients can access their test results directly through MyQuest®

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers who are in a treatment relationship with the patient and require access to results ordered by another Healthcare Provider may access their patient’s results through Quanum Lab Services Manager.  

Healthcare Providers who do not have a Quanum Lab Services Manager account may visit Get Access Now to create an account and login credentials.

If a treating Healthcare Provider is utilizing Quanum eLabs, there is functionality to access results ordered by another Healthcare Provider. 

If a Healthcare Provider does not have an account with Quest Diagnostics, they may contact us to request one here

Health Plans

Health Plans may contact their Quest account manager or email us to request a claims-based data feed for its members.  Quest will provide Quest lab results, as permitted by applicable law, that are covered by the Health Plan. 

Other CADxF Participants

CADxF participants that are not a treating Healthcare Provider or Health Plan administering member claims will need to provide a signed HIPAA Authorization from the patient in order to receive requested results.  

Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO)

Quest utilizes its own technology solutions as indicated above to provide access to lab results in accordance with the CADxF.  

QHIOs that have received a request for information from a signatory to the CADxF data sharing agreement may click this link to fill out a form and receive email instructions that may be provided to the requestor. This will also allow us to understand the nature of the requests received as well as whom requests are from.