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The Genomics Client Service Specialist Team: More Than Just a Human Search Engine

The Genomics Client Service Specialist Team (GCSS) is sometimes referred to as, “A search engine for genetic testing”. Of course, our team is more than a human search engine; we are a trusted resource for clients inside and outside of Quest Diagnostics. Our team’s responsibilities require that we think critically to understand the client’s question and the best way to find an answer.

The GCSS team is composed of 7 people who have a combined total of 150 years of experience client services, referral testing, and many facets of genetic testing, including cytogenetics, molecular genetics, hereditary cancer genetics, and biochemical genetics. The team can call on that experience and provide unmatched resources for both our internal clients, like our genomic science specialists and external clients, like health care providers’ offices and hospitals who are looking for information about genetic testing.

We also make it easy for callers to reach us. By dialing 866-GENEINF0 (866-436-3463) callers can connect immediately to one of our specialists, and our phone number is even printed on all our genetic test reports. On an average day, a typical GCSS takes more than 30 calls, providing critical support for our various genetic testing laboratories. We receive questions from clients that range from test utility, interpretation, and specimen requirements, to when a result will be available. 

When healthcare clients have questions about the science, we gather the important information and then promptly transfer the caller to the appropriate genomic science specialist (GSS) with the necessary expertise. When patients call with questions about their Quest genetic test results, we also transfer them to a GSS, who can provide an on-the-spot explanation to the patient, a service which is invaluable to both patients and their health care providers. 

In addition to fielding calls from clients and patients, our team calls urgent abnormal genetic testing results to health care providers’ offices, so that critical test results are highlighted for the patient’s medical team. We also obtain important clinical and family history information for highly specialized test orders like PKU, CAH, and Fragile X. This information leads to more accurate test reports that are tailored to the specific patient. In addition, we help maintain various genetic testing databases and obtain patient outcome data, which helps to continually improve the quality of our assays. 

What about those calls that aren’t about genetic testing?  Some clients who have utilized our service in the past may call 866 GENEINFO even when the call is not about genetic testing.  Because of our extensive experience and background in many different areas of Quest Diagnostics, we are able to redirect callers to the appropriate department and give them the correct contact information for future inquiries.  

The Genomic Client Services team takes pride in being a trusted reference for clients who need answers. Give it a try by calling 866-GENEINFO for help with your genetic testing needs.