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My Quest Story - Juan Quintana

Sometimes life is shaken by unforeseen circumstances, and you must redirect your route.

After 40 years of working as an oil field facility operator, I lost my job and found myself in search of a new opportunity. I made the decision to enter a training program to become a Wastewater Treatment Plant operator and received my certification as a Grade 1 operator. Over the next year and a half, I worked as an intern for a city facility. Unfortunately, when it came time to move into a permanent role, I was informed that due to a statewide hiring freeze there weren’t any jobs available.

I began the process of applying for numerous jobs online and in-person. In late 2014, I received the phone call from my current supervisor who requested a phone interview. Upon completion of the vetting process, I was hired!

I was excited about this new career path with Quest Diagnostics, and it has been a great opportunity to re-imagine my purpose. After many years as a Quest Specialty Route Service Representative (RSR), I know how important the role of every Quest employee is and the profound sense of responsibility we feel for our patients.

After experiencing my own personal and family medical challenges, I appreciate being part of a great logistics team that delivers quality care to our patients and the sense of satisfaction it brings me.

With all the adversities we have overcome in the past few years in the state of California, such as the Covid pandemic, wildfires, floods and mudslides causing major road closures, our team has supported one another and had each other backs. Our supervisors and mentors are the ones who make this possible.

Working for Quest Diagnostics has been the most rewarding, fulfilling, and gratifying work experience than I could have ever imagined. The irony of it all is that I don’t remember applying for this job.