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Quest Drug Monitoring Offers New Specimen Collection Options

Clinical Drug Monitoring is a critical tool to measure and assess prescription compliance and help identify drug misuse. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, many patients are not getting to their physicians’ offices for the drug monitoring testing they need. It is imperative to keep this essential diagnostic tool available to clinicians to assist with care decisions during this COVID-19 pandemic and into the future as telemedicine becomes more widely utilized.

When in-office collection is not an option for you the provider, or for your patient(s), Quest Diagnostics has 2 alternate sample collection options available to assist you.

First, Quest has over 2,250 Patient Service Centers (PSCs) across the country that can provide the drug monitoring services you need. Our online appointment finder makes it easy and convenient for you and your patients to find the closest PSC location. In addition, the Quest PSCs offer ease of scheduling, professional phlebotomists, and settings that make patient needs a priority.

Secondly, the Quest Diagnostics Drug Monitoring team is pleased to announce we are now offering providers the ability to order ‘at-home’ or ‘self-collection’ of drug monitoring test samples, as part of or in conjunction with physician/patient telemedicine sessions.

After explaining this new Quest home collection option with your patient, submit your test order using your Quest Quanum® Lab Services Manager account or your EMR. Be sure to use the Home Collect test code (#39654–Oral Fluid, or #39557–Urine) and include the patient contact information as well as drug monitoring test(s) ordered. Patients will receive a self-collection package delivered to their homes with collection materials, specific instructions on collecting the sample, as well as packing and shipping instructions for return of the sample. A self-collection demonstration video is available at

We hope you find these additional services helpful during these challenging times. For more information on these alternate sample collection options, please contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative at 1.866.MYQUEST (1.866.697.8378).

Published date: June 29, 2020