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Holiday schedule

Our Patient Service Centers will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for the Memorial Day holiday. Have a healthy, happy holiday.


Closing the Gap on Health Inequality

Closing the Gap on Health Inequality

Our Senior Medical Director Harvey Kaufman, M.D., recently contributed an article to the American Journal of Medical Care about a Quest Diagnostics study about health disparities among ethnic and racial populations.
Harvey Kaufman
The article discusses how Quest’s laboratory data can reveal important insights into population health — insights that can be used to identify health disparities, and address them.“Although the US healthcare system is the envy of much of the world, it is troubling that persistent and well-documented health disparities still exist between different racial and ethnic populations,” Kaufman writes. “But evidence is emerging that as a nation, we are beginning to make inroads into achieving health equity and eliminating health disparities by investing in prevention and wellness.”Click here to read the full article on the American Journal of Medical Care website.