Convenient to order for you and your patients

When it comes to expanded carrier screening, you can rely on the power of Quest Diagnostics. QHerit is backed by a team of medical professionals and genetic counselors who are available to review test selection, results, and insights with you.

For patients, QHerit starts with a simple blood draw, which can happen in your office or at any one of the 2,200 Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers across the country.

Your patients can make appointments online, and get their results on any device, any time, with MyQuest.

Because Quest Diagnostics is in-network with most health plan providers, QHerit may be covered by a patient’s insurance. We also offer financial assistance for those in need, based on income and household size.


Test ordering information

Test Code: 94372(X)

Specimen Type: Whole blood

NOTE: The QHerit Expanded Carrier Screen may not be ordered on fetal specimens. Fetal testing is available for each of the 22 individual diseases
(i.e., not as a panel). Acceptable fetal specimens for each of the 22 individually orderable diseases are amniotic fluid or chorionic villus specimens.

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