AccuType® CP: Importance of Genotyping

AccuType® CP: Importance of Genotyping

AccuType CP conveniently identifies the genetic mutation of the CYP2C19 genotypes (*2,*3,*4,*5) that cause clopidogrel resistance, and determines if a patient should be prescribed clopidogrel. It reports if patients are a poor, intermediate or extensive metabolizer of the drug clopidogrel:

Metabolizer Types Clinical Interpretation
Hyperextensive HM Increased bleeding risk
Extensive EM Standard clopidogrel dose recommended
Intermediate IM Increase clopidogrel dose or consider alternate therapy
Poor PM


Suggested Use of CYP2C19 Genotype Test Results [1],[2],[3]


Our genetic counselors can provide additional assistance with AccuType CP results interpretation. Call 1-866-GENE-INFO (1-866-436-3463).



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