Test Resources

Test Resources are provided throughout the Test Directory, alongside relevant tests, and from the search results page. Test Resources include information relating to test selection, utilization, and interpretation, as well as algorithms to help with test selection when diagnosing or managing a condition. 

Included in Test Resources are 6 types of documents based on peer-reviewed publications, practice guidelines, or other reputable sources, and intended to be without promotional consideration:

Test Highlights button Test Highlights provide a review of clinical use and background, methodology, and interpretive information pertaining to a specific test.
Test Summary Test Summaries provide a review of clinical use and background, individuals suitable for testing, methodology, interpretive information, and references pertaining to a specific test.
Test Guide button

Test Guides provide testing algorithms and/or other information to assist in appropriate test selection or utilization.


Clinical Focus button Clinical Focuses provide information about a specific disease or condition. It includes a brief clinical background and a description of individuals suitable for testing. Additionally, it provides detailed information on test availability and test selection and interpretation. The document is fully referenced.
White Paper button White Papers provide information pertaining to tests, diseases, or conditions. Some include a summary of a clinical practice guideline. There is no particular format for these papers.
Interpretive Guide button

Interpretive Guide documents have been extracted from a manual that provides test information related to a specific clinical specialty (eg, endocrinology). These pages include a brief review of the clinical use and background, method used, and conditions in which test results may be increased or decreased. Each document pertains to a specific test.