Quest Lab Stewardship

Empowering health systems to optimize laboratory testing and deliver high-value care

Laboratory testing is the single highest volume medical activity in the United States with somewhere in the range of 4-5 billion tests performed each year in the U.S.1 Too often, an inappropriate test is selected, redundant tests are ordered, or a needed test is omitted.2,3

That lab testing activity represents US$73 billion of the US$3 trillion spend on healthcare in the United States—about 2.5%.1

With laboratory tests guiding up to 70% of all medical decisions, improvements in appropriate test selection in compliance with evidence-based guidelines have the power to radically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.3

Quest Lab Stewardship powered by hc1 can help.


KNOWING more for better performance

Quest Lab Stewardship goes beyond basic reporting and empowers physicians, lab administrators, and medical leadership with real-time, actionable insights to help drive targeted improvements in overall test utilization, lab operations, and patient outcomes.

Quest Lab Stewardship powered by hc1 provides dashboards and insights to help:

  • MONITOR high-volume and high-cost testing from every location with access to near real-time data that is simplified and normalized
  • ASSESS highlighted trends impacting the cost and quality of patient care, such as spikes in high-cost or too-frequent repeat testing
  • RECOMMEND the most appropriatea tests through test selection guidance with the help of medical laboratory guidelines

    Organization of laboratory data

    Normalize and combine similarly named tests into unique, filterable, standard names so that medical leadership has a straightforward view of their entire test compendium.

    Real-time monitoring

    Visualize test ordering trends by location and physician to empower proactive interventions and improve lab utilization.

    Medical laboratory guidelines

    Apply evidence-based guidelines to identify clinical variation and drive targeted change to help improve patient care and physician experience while reducing lab spend.

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a. The term "appropriate" refers to testing that is consistent with applicable third-party guidelines. Quest Diagnostics identification of potential appropriate testing is intended as a guide to assist providers in identifying ordering patterns recommended by applicable third-party guidelines and is not intended to replace a treating provider’s medical judgment, based upon evaluation of the patient.