Integrate with McKesson

 Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions enables single sign-on with McKesson Enterprise platform to bridge content gaps in registration and billing processes and bring added value to the IT investment.

Enterprise Content Solutions expands McKesson with:

  • Pre-configured registration document sets based on payer and visit type. This expanding functionality allows the registrar to see a “grocery list” of the specific documents to gather and checks off each document, providing visibility into any documents that they neglect to collect
  • Missing Documents Required functionality at Registration workflow notifies PFS stakeholders immediately so documents can be gathered while the patient is potentially still in-house and before the chart needs to be coded
  • Enterprise Content Solutions can elevate and expand the McKesson platform with discharge workflow that gathers the required information in advance, provides any needed notifications and alerts along the way, and automatically prints hard copy or electronic versions of the needed information

Interfaces with McKesson:

  1. When a patient is Admitted/Discharged/Transferred in McKesson, a message is sent to Enterprise Content Solutions
  2. Documents created in McKesson are sent to Enterprise Content Solutions to complete the Legal Health Record
  3. Using API technology, users can seamlessly launch from Enterprise Content Solutions applications from within McKesson. User sign on and passing of patient context through Enterprise Content Solutions creates integration for the McKesson user
  4. Integration with Enterprise Content Solutions and McKesson using Web single sign-on to launch Enterprise Content Solutions web for physicians to address chart or other deficiencies

For more information about Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, please contact us.