Integrate with MedHost

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions and MedHost integrate seamlessly, allowing you to automate business process workflows, intelligent eForms, and Forms On-Demand to streamline processes throughout the entire enterprise. Clinicians can retrieve and view complete charts in one place.

Interfaces with HMS:

  • When a patient is Admitted/Discharged/Transferred (ADT) in HMS, a message is sent to Enterprise Contente Solutions
  • Documents created in HMS are sent to Enterprise Content Solutions to complete the LMR
  • With integration using API technology, you can seamlessly launch to Enterprise Content Solutions applications from within HMS. User sign-on and passing of patient context through Enterprise Content Solutions creates a seamless integration for the HMS user
  • Integration with Enterprise Content Solutions and HMS using web single sign-on to launch Enterprise Content Solutions web for physicians to address chart and other deficiencies 

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