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“With Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions working in tandem with Epic, that’s where true power comes into play.” – Jerry Mourey, VIP/CIO, Southern Illinois Health

If you have an Epic EMR and are considering a replacement or new document management vendor, Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions may be the choice for you. Did you know that 30% of the Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions customer base uses Epic? Our first integration with Epic was in 2008. We have a project team completely dedicated to Epic integrations and implementations. Additionally, with Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, you can enjoy controlled total cost of ownership.
From sales to support, Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has you covered. We are the category leader in the “2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services” report in the Document Management and Imaging (DMI) category, making us a 10 time* award winner. 
Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions and Epic enable document sharing to provide easy access and control of content that includes: Intelligent eForms, digital pictures, electronic data, scanned documents, enterprise images, and more. Empower your users to refine processes, improve collaboration, and boost productivity while managing the life cycle of content across your enterprise through:
  • Acquisition and notification of scanned documents
  • Single view inside the Epic viewers
  • Medical record number, account number, and order number document level access
  • Chart deficiency management
  • Release of information coordination
  • Explanation of Benefits document availability notification

Our Epic integrations include:

  • Framework – This outbound interface sends close to real-time HL7 document arrival notification messages from Enterprise Content Solutions to Epic. Use the Event Framework Queue to distribute created, modified, or deleted documents.
  • Image Retrieval – Image Retrieval allows the Epic-supplied web service to request any type of document stored in Enterprise Content Solutions for viewing in Epic. This web service also provides a JPEG thumbnail conversion of Enterprise Content Solutions TIFF images for viewing in Epic HyperSpace and MyChart.
  • EScan Document Link Maintenance – The Scan Link Maintenance interface processes an HL7 message when a scanned document is updated or re-indexed in Epic and a message when the scanned document is deleted within Epic.
  • Web Blob Pass Through – Web Blob Pass Through is a RESTful web service which allows Epic to perform, add, update, and view document operations within Enterprise Content Solutions. This interface allows for real-time updates so that users can view the new document versions immediately.
  • Correspondence – Correspondence integrates Enterprise Content Solutions with the Epic Professional Billing system(s). This integration allows the Enterprise Content Solutions image keys for the scanned correspondence document to be displayed using the Enterprise Content Solutions application launch.
  • Scan Viewing API -The Epic Scan Viewing API is the base Epic Integration which provides the mechanism to view Enterprise Content Solutions documents while maintaining context within Epic. Users view Enterprise Content Solutions documents from within Epic via a hyperlink.
  • Activity Button - The Epic Activity Button is a menu button in Epic which launches the Enterprise Content Solutions full client software in order to see all scans indexed to a patient or encounter (depending on context).
  • Scan Acquisition API - This is an integration for document capture.The Epic Scan Utility is utilized from within Epic to scan documents into Enterprise Content Solutions. A user can scan from the patient, encounter, or order level depending on where the user resides within Epic. Documents captured are able to be viewed immediately from within Epic via a hyperlink.
  • Deficiency Tracking - The Epic Deficiency Tracking enables an Epic analyst to assign a signature deficiency to an Enterprise Content Solutions document. The created signature deficiency will send an In Basket message to the provider to sign the scan within Epic. The provider will be able to view the Enterprise Content Solutions document via the integrated viewer and either decline or sign the document.
  • HIM Release of Information - The Epic HIM Release of Information integration allows for Epic Users to include Enterprise Content Solutions documents into the release as if they were stored on the Epic Blob. Enterprise Content Solutions documents will print out in the standard Epic reports.
  • Web (EpicCare Link) - The Epic Web allows for a provider to view Enterprise Content Solutions documents from EpicCare and Plan Link.
  • Welcome – Enterprise Content Solutions integrates with Epic to receive e-signature and scanned documents from the Epic Welcome Kiosk.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - With the Epic EOB integration EOB documents that are scanned into the Enterprise Content Solutions non-patient cabinet/drawer/folder structure creates an outbound HL7 document notification message that is sent to Epic. The hyperlink is sent to the Epic payment posting workflow to view the scanned document stored in Enterprise Content Solutions.

To learn how Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions can integrate with Epic and help bring seamless, efficient workflows to your organization, schedule a demo by contacting us at

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