Collection FAQs

Quest Diagnostics

Why choose Quest Diagnostics for drug test collections

Specimen processing in drug testing labAs the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information, we offer a breadth of collection services, with both national and global access and quality control procedures. We understand the need for comprehensive, turn-key collection services that not only meet your drug testing needs, but also seamlessly integrate with your business. 

How many collection sites are in the Quest Diagnostics drug testing network?
We provide unparalleled access to a network of nearly 10,000 collection sites throughout the United States.
Do the capabilities vary by collection site and location?
Yes. Collection sites can vary based upon the services they provide  and, as such, it’s important to know the differences when making a location selection. Our network consists of three different types of collection sites: Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers (PSCs), preferred sites and third-party locations. Our infographic can help to illustrate these differences.
  • PSCs are owned and managed by Quest and offer the most competitive market pricing available. By using PSCs, clients are billed for drug-screen collections on their monthly Quest invoice.
  • Preferred sites are contracted by Quest to provide expanded collection service options for our clients. By using preferred sites, clients are billed for drug-screen collections on their monthly Quest Diagnostics invoice.
  • Third-party sites help fill the geographical gaps in our network and are market priced to provide a cost-effective alternative.
Does Quest Diagnostics offer 24/7 emergency collection services?
Yes. Our nationwide network of more than 6,000, trained collectors provides around-the-clock access to emergency drug and alcohol collections for post-accident or reasonable cause testing. No matter where we collect the specimen, whether at a collection site or on-site at your place of business, the same standardized processes are used from collection to results reporting.
Does Quest Diagnostics offer on-site collection services?

Yes. On-site collection events are a service we provide to make it easier for you and your employees to provide urine, hair, oral fluid or breath alcohol samples for testing. Scheduled, on-site collection events reduce employee downtime and enable convenient scheduling for donors. These events must be scheduled at least five (5) days in advance to ensure trained collectors and drug testing supplies are available for your preferred date.

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