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Oral-Eze Oral Fluid Collection DeviceWe hold our collection sites and team to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. No matter where we collect the specimen, whether at a collection site or on-site at your place of business, the same standardized processes are used from collection to results reporting. Strict chain of custody procedures are also used every step of the way to help ensure the integrity of your specimens and the drug test results.

In addition to ongoing training, we validate that sites and collectors follow the appropriate procedures by:
  • Conducting anonymous employee collections each month at Patient Service Centers and Preferred Collection Sites utilizing trained collectors (mystery shoppers) from our mobile collection network.
  • Performing audits of our mobile drug test collection network by dispatching a collector, monitored by a trainer, who is positioned to provide feedback on corrective action.
If we discover an issue, a report is promptly provided to the collection site outlining the deficiencies and recommendations for immediate correction. 

Reduced breath alcohol test cancellations

Every Evidential Breath Testing device we own is calibrated annually by the manufacturer. We use certified technicians, not Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs), to perform these calibrations. If, for some reason the calibration isn’t performed within the allotted timeframe, the device will lockdown and cease to function. Customized software allows proper adherence to your quality control standards and helps to validate that all US Department of Transportation (DOT) protocols are maintained.  

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