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Specialized Lab Testing for Myositis

Specialized Lab Testing for Myositis, Antisynthetase Syndrome, and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)


On-demand Webinar:


The objectives of this webinar include:


•  Review clinical features of myositis, antisynthetase syndrome, and interstitial lung disease (ILD)


•  Discuss autoantibodies specific to and overlapping in these conditions


•  Highlight testing panels to assist in diagnosis


P.A.C.E. credits, click here, will be available to participating laboratory professionals who attend the webinar and complete the post evaluation.  The expiration date for the link will be December 29, 2022.



Jun 29, 2022
Alan Epstein, MD

Speaker:  Alan Epstein, MD

Moderator: Ann Salm, PhD, MSc, M(ASCP)cm