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Medication Adherence Testing

Medication Adherence Testing

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During each of the last 3 years more than 100,000 people have died from drug overdoses in the United States. During this same time period, there has been a significant increase in patients suffering from mental health conditions. Today in the US, nearly 50 million patients are prescribed medications for mental health conditions, and that number is growing. Many of these medications are scheduled drugs / controlled substances. Drug testing is a critical tool to help monitor medication adherence for patients taking these medications. Drug testing can help in establishing a baseline for patients and help identify medication use or non-use, detect use of illicit substances, and help to prevent potential drug-drug interactions and harmful poly-substance use.

Today’s Topics in Drug Testing podcast episode will cover:

  • Overview of the status of mental health in the US and mental health medication prescribing
  • The role of drug testing in helping to monitor medication adherence for mental health and other controlled medications as well as identify illicit substance use and potential, harmful drug-drug interactions
  • Implementing a responsible drug monitoring protocol in your practice, including how to test, who to test, what drugs to test for, and what frequency to test


Jeff Gudin, MD, Senior Medical Advisor at Quest Diagnostics

Jack Kain, PharmD, Medical Science Liasion at Quest Diagnostics


Posted: June 29, 2023


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