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Chromosomal Microarray, Postnatal, ClariSure® Oligo-SNP

Test code(s) 16478

No. Please call 866-GENE-INFO to discuss this case with a genetic counselor. Documentation of the specific genomic alteration in the family will be necessary to determine the accuracy of the testing that was performed on your patient.

This assay can detect:

  • Trisomies such as Down syndrome, trisomy 18, trisomy 13
  • Sex chromosome abnormalities such as Turner or Klinefelter syndromes
  • Most marker chromosomes
  • Small deletions/duplications throughout the genome that are within the resolution of the assay. For more information, please call 866-GENE-INFO to speak with a genetic counselor.
  • Segments of homozygosity that may be representative of a risk for a recessive Mendelian disorder

This assay cannot detect:

  • Low-level mosaicism
  • Balanced rearrangements, including Robertsonian translocations, reciprocal translocations, and inversions
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Single gene disorders such as Marfan syndrome, neurofibromatosis, etc.
  • Small deletions/duplications smaller than the resolution of this assay. For more information, please call 866-GENE-INFO to speak with a genetic counselor.
  • Small segments of homozygosity that are outside the threshold set by the lab (approximately 10 Mb)

This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. A clinician’s test selection and interpretation, diagnosis, and patient management decisions should be based on his/her education, clinical expertise, and assessment of the patient.

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