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Trial in Progress: Comprehensive Outcomes for After Cancer Health (COACH), a Randomized Trial Assessing Health Outcomes Following Primary Cancer Therapy

American Association for Cancer Research

AACR 2023 Annual Meeting

Orlando FL, April 14-19, 2023

Poster presentation: Trial in progress: Comprehensive outcomes for after cancer health (COACH), a randomized trial assessing health outcomes following primary cancer therapy

Authors: Brassil K, Wright A, Arthur E, Barr A, Floira L, Halpenny B, Jackson M, Krok-Schoen J, Lally R, Loftis J, Kelly DL, Saligan L, Schmidt R, Smith G, Starkweather A, Tavormina A, Tlusty G, Vazquez M, Hammer M

Specialties: Oncology


Disclaimer: One or more of the authors of this publication were employed at the time by Pack Health, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics.