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Working with community health centers to control COVID-19

Resourceful response. Resilient recovery. Collaborative future.

COVID-19 changed how Community Health Centers (CHCs) operate. But thanks to your willingness to practice medicine in new ways, take even more care to protect your most vulnerable patients, and integrate diagnostics earlier in the process, you’re ready for what comes next. Even as new variants spread across the country, we know we won’t go back to the days of insecurity and doubt. Working together, we are creating new resiliency in the healthcare system—and a stronger, more collaborative future by offering you the COVID-19 resources you need.  

Instituting a more equitable approach to COVID-19

As with many health issues, COVID-19 disproportionately affected those in underserved communities—magnifying existing social and racial injustices and inequities. Community health centers and Quest Diagnostics have made important advances to increase support for CHCs, better understand the relationship between race and COVID-19 positivity, and address health disparities. We’re not there yet, but through collaboration we can get closer every day.

Download our COVID-19 recovery brochure

To learn more about our COVID-19 resources and how Quest Diagnostics can help your health center build on what you’re already doing to mitigate COVID-19 in your community, click here.

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Count on us for the accessibility, data, and clinical support you need to fight COVID-19 in your community.

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