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Whitepaper - Operationalizing Decentralized Clinical Trials

White paper

Operationalizing Decentralized Clinical Trials

DCTs have proven their ability to improve patient recruitment, retention, and diversity. Learn more.


This white paper is free and can be downloaded and read at your convenience.

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Operationalizing decentralized clinical trials

The era of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) is here. Validated in the crucible of the pandemic, DCTs have proven their ability to improve patient recruitment, retention, and diversity. The challenge now is to go from ad hoc approaches that kept trials going in a time of crisis to a rigorous, reproducible method.

Learn more about the capabilities and services sponsors should consider when operationalizing decentralized clinical trials

  • Patient engagement solutions
  • Mobile phlebotomy and mobile clinical services
  • Data access
  • Clinical trial lab testing services

Leading biopharma companies are now recognizing that the best results are achieved by working with partners that hold multiple pieces of the DCT puzzle — specifically, the data to identify and the tools to retain trial participants, and the capacity to bring trials to participants. Quest is a rare example of a company with the full suite of integrated capabilities. 

We invite you to download and read the full whitepaper to understand how successful execution of DCTs requires close coordination of teams with distinct capabilities.  Learn how your organization can collaborate with Quest Diagnostics to augment core central lab testing and improve patient recruitment and retention in DCTs. 

Improve particpant recruitment, retention, and diversity in your trial.


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