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Quest Advanced Specialized Transplant Services: Meeting the testing needs of the transplant center

The number of transplantation operations, both for solid organs and stem cells, has increased steadily for over a decade. Every transplantation requires comprehensive testing of both donor and recipient, and recipients require regular and frequent testing for infectious disease, involving an average of 500 separate tests over the course of a patient’s life. This testing regimen helps ensure that the patient remains free of infection despite lifelong immunosuppression.

To provide the best transplantation outcome, the health care professional needs a comprehensive test menu, a simple and powerful ordering process, an extremely rapid turnaround time, authoritative test results, and access to experts to help interpret results and expedite clinical care decision-making.

Quest Advanced Specialized Transplant Services meets these critical needs, providing the health care professional an end-to-end testing process that is streamlined, intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive, with next-day results and seamless integration with any existing medical record system. For testing throughout the transplant journey, Quest offers service that is unmatched in the testing environment.

The right tests and the right codes
Quest has designed its Advanced Specialized Transplant Services with the transplant professional and patient in mind. Test codes trigger processing and handling protocols, as well as access to a dedicated customer support team, that are specific for pre-transplant testing and post-transplant infectious diseases testing. Extensive new test code options provide the health care professional the specificity they need when ordering serum, whole blood, sputum, or other fluid samples—each sample type comes with its own test code.

Post-transplant infectious disease testing codes direct samples for immediate processing and reporting, so that results are provided as soon as they are completed, even when other tests are ordered at the same time.

Patient Services Centers improve compliance
Patients can provide specimens in the physician’s office, or at any one of Quest’s 2,200 Patient Services Centers (PSCs) across the country. Compliance improves, especially over the long haul, when patients can have their samples drawn conveniently and reliably, on their schedule and where they are geographically located regardless of the physician’s location. PSCs are fully stocked with test kits for each of the tests within the Advanced Specialized Transplant Services, and test requisitions are fully integrated with the ordering professional’s electronic medical records system.

Free and fast shipping
Quest provides a complete kit for taking and shipping the sample, including phlebotomy supplies, video instructions, packing and shipping materials, and test-specific labels, ensuring the sample will be shipped and the test will be processed without delay.

Once it is ready to go, Quest provides complimentary shipping for all specimens, with no minimum order. Every sample is shipped FedEx for next-day delivery for the most rapid delivery to the Quest lab.

Results: Highly accurate, and very fast
All post-transplant infection specimens are processed upon receipt, allowing Quest to deliver results within 8 to 12 hours after receipt, matching or exceeding what is offered by other labs. Donor test results are provided within 24 hours of sample receipt.

All post-transplant tests are performed at Quest Centers of Excellence. Polymerase chain reaction provides high sensitivity and specificity for the full range of potential pathogens. Donor testing is performed at our FDA-registered lab in Chantilly, VA. Full data is provided in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format, including historical results and graphical interpretation. Quest’s Infectious Disease team is available to help interpret results when needed, and Quest’s Dedicated Customer Operation Team is on call to proactively address delays or redraws and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Results can be made available in any electronic medical records system, or by paper copy or fax, if preferred.

Flexible billing options
Quest offers complete billing flexibility, including billing the client or a third-party payer. That flexibility offers the health system the choice that works best for their practice.

Quest Advanced Specialized Transplant Services provides the transplant center and health care professionals with a complete solution for fast, reliable, and tailored post-transplant testing, providing the accurate, rapid results that are needed throughout the transplant journey.