Toxicology: Resources

Clinical Toxicology Resources

The sites below include guidelines and regulations and provide information on Clinical Toxicology.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 

Listed below are resources that aid in the understanding and regulations of therapeutic drug monitoring.

Heavy Metals  

In order to help understand the danger and importance of heavy metal testing use the resources below:

Health conditions

Some important health conditions related to toxicology

Educational Resources and Publications

Below is a list of specific educational resources and publications, including an online CME.

Quest Diagnostics Physician Videos 

To help answer some important questions you may have on the topic of prescription drug monitoring, you can learn directly from physician colleagues who are specialists in the field of chronic pain.
Visit to view videos of physicians discussing drug monitoring

  • Why Test
  • Who and When to Test
  • How to Test
  • Practical Tips for Interpreting Results
  • How to Discuss Testing with Your Patients

You can also view case studies from physicians who have successfully implemented drug monitoring programs in their practices.