Why Quest Diagnostics?

As an industry leader in diagnostic testing, conducting approximately nine million drug tests per year, we can help you meet today’s drug testing and monitoring needs, while offering the support you need. Our comprehensive toxicology offering includes general toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring, metals testing, prescription drug  monitoring and workplace testing.

Doctor talking with male patient

Clinical Expertise

We use standard clinical chemistry for screening of drug classes and, if ordered, we automatically confirm positive results using Mass Spectrometry analysis. We deliver secure easy-to-read lab reports electronically. We have an extensive network of 800 MDs and PhDs ensuring quality you can trust. We also have experienced toxicology specialists and toxicologists available for consultation.

Accessible Testing

Quest Diagnostics prides itself in the ability to stay in reach with patients and physicians. We offer approximately 2,000 Patient Service Centers in communities from coast-to-coast, to make testing an easy and convenient process. All of this is made possible by comprehensive logistics network with a national courier service. We also offer our Eprescribing suite of technology products, designed to work together to streamline office procedures.

Comprehensive Menu

We offer a test menu tests specifically designed for toxicology with general toxicology panels, therapeutic drug monitoring, heavy metals testing, and various miscellaneous.  

Have questions? Email or call our sales representative at 866-MY-QUEST (866-697-8378)