Brazil Nut Whole Allergen

Test code 2818

Hidden allergen often found in cookies, insect repellent, and beauty products.1

  • Extensive cross-reactivity within the family can be expected2
  • Generally persists and is potentially life-threatening3

Ber e1

Associated with systemic reactions4

  • Storage protein (2s albumin)1
  • Resistant to digestion by pepsin, and a major allergen1
  • Very stable to gastric digestion1
  • Major allergen in Brazil nuts1

Positive 2818 with negative Ber e1 results may be explained by sensitization to5

  • Other Brazil nut storage proteins or lipid transfer protein (LTP)
  • Pollen proteins like profilin or PR-10 proteins
  • CCD (cross-reacting carbohydrate determinants)

As in all diagnostic testing, a diagnosis must be made by the physician based on test results, individual patient history, the physician’s knowledge of the patient, and the physician’s clinical judgement.

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