Assessment for cognitive impairment

If someone you love may be showing signs of cognitive impairment, it’s important to know there are assessments out there to help you seek treatment.

Cognitive impairment isn’t always easy to detect. Some changes in brain function may simply be part of aging, or may be a treatable condition like a vitamin deficiency.

CogniSense can help you discern the difference, as part of a comprehensive cognitive health evaluation.


What is CogniSense?

CogniSense is an iPad-based cognitive health assessment that doctors use to measure a patient’s memory and understanding of orientation, sequence, and time.

CogniSense Benefits

How CogniSense works

  Visit the doctor
CogniSense is only available through a doctor. Before making a doctor’s appointment, call to ask if he or she has the app for CogniSense offered by Quest Diagnostics.
  Take the assessment
The patient verbally answers a series of questions and manually completes activities on an iPad. For accuracy, the evaluation is administered by a healthcare professional.
  Review the results
Once a completed assessment is reviewed by the doctor, the patient and doctor can discuss the results and the best options for next steps.
  Reassess in the future
CogniSense produces a report that doctors can use to develop a personalized action plan and monitor cognitive changes over time.

The most well-known cognitive impairment*

The most well-known type of cognitive impairment is Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association says that Alzheimer’s accounts for an estimated 60-80% of dementia cases. Here are 5 of the Alzheimer’s Association’s warning signs, compared to typical age-related changes:

  Signs of Alzheimer's   Typical age-related changes
  Poor judgment and decision-making   Making a bad decision once a while
  Inability to manage a budget   Missing a monthly payment
  Losing track of the date or the season   Forgetting which day it is and
remembering it later
  Difficulty having a conversation   Sometimes forgetting which word to use
  Misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps to find them   Losing things from time to time

Know sooner

To know sooner if you or your loved one may have cognitive impairment, talk to your doctor about CogniSense by Quest Diagnostics.

*Alzheimer's is one example of a cognitive disease and is cited for illustration purposes only. Cognisense is a general cognition screening test and is not specific for Alzheimer's disease.