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Hereditary cancer

Knowing begins with screening

Cancer is more common in some families than others. Hereditary cancer develops as a result of a gene variant or other genetic abnormality passed down from a parent to a child. Inheriting a gene variant does not necessarily mean you will develop cancer, but it can increase the risk.

Knowing your risk is the first step in moving forward

Know your risk

Know more so you can do more.

This quiz can look for red flags in your personal and family history that may indicate a risk for hereditary cancer.

This form captures the important information that helps interpret the findings of the hereditary cancer test and is required for every test submission. 

It’s easy to make appointments online at one of our 2,100 Patient Service Centers with flexible collection methods, including blood, saliva, and buccal.

We offer an efficient, streamlined preauthorization process to help save time and money.

Quest is in-network with nearly every major health plan, and we offer financial assistance for eligible patients.

A quiz to help you understand your personal risk 

Understanding your personal risk for hereditary cancer with our guideline-based quiz can help you work with your doctor to take action, sooner. 

Take the quiz