Treating your prediabetes

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What to do if you have prediabetes

If you find out you have prediabetes, talk with your healthcare provider about ways you can get your condition under control. You can take action now to help reverse your prediabetes and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Below are some ways that can help you better manage your health. Be sure to discuss these tips with your healthcare provider so you can make a plan that’s right for you.

Ways to prevent type 2 diabetes

  • Join a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle-change program.
    It can help you lose weight, become more active, and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.
  • Eat healthy foods.
    Choose foods that don’t have too many calories. Lots of fiber is good too. Try to eat a variety of foods, focusing on fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  • Medication.
    Your doctor might prescribe medication that may prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Your doctor might also prescribe medication that, though it won’t prevent diabetes, might help control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Get more physical activity.
    Try to get 30 to 60 minutes of moderate physical activity most days. Don’t let 2 days go by without some exercise.

Physical activity doesn’t mean you have to spend money joining a gym. Try taking a daily walk, moving your legs quickly. Ride your bike or swim. If you don’t have time for one long period of activity, try shorter ones throughout the day.

Also, lift weights a couple of times each week if possible. If you can’t afford a gym, you can use exercise bands and homemade weights—or even do old-fashioned push-ups.

Remember, increasing your physical activity doesn’t have to cost money. What is expensive, however, is ignoring your prediabetes and letting it become type 2 diabetes. If that happens, you could require costly treatment.

Handy tools to help you take charge

Lifestyle-change programs

Find a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle-change program that supports patients with prediabetes.

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