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Quest Spotlights Hispanic Employees' Cultural Traditions in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Employee spotlights

Jose V. Morabito - Vice President, Strategic Pricing

Here's what Jose had to say when asked what his favorite dish from his country is and what it consists of:

"My favorite Venezuelan dish is the Christmas staple called Hallaca. Many Latin American countries have their own version, but ours is my favorite. History has it that this dish was originally made by the indigenous Venezuelans and the Spanish conquerors together. Where they mixed the ingredients from both countries (de alla y de aca = hallaca). The dish is typically made during an all-day affair involving every family member. Everyone has their task, be it making the dough (masa), cutting the ingredients, cooking, cleaning the plantain leaves that are used to wrap it, cutting the leaves, wrapping and tying the hallacas with string, boiling, etc. It’s a long day spent with family and at the end you are rewarded with great food that you enjoy the rest of the month."

Anna Compesi - Director, HRBP - Commercial

Anna shared a family tradition that is special to her:

My favorite family tradition is one that may be found in many Cuban households on New Year’s Eve.  There are actually several Cuban NYE traditions, but the one that is special to me since I was a little girl, and one I still practice today, is eating 12 grapes at midnight.  Each grape represents each of the 12 months of the new year, making a wish with each one!  When I was younger, my abuela used to open the grapes up for me to take out the seeds.  Now I buy them seedless, but still think of my grandmother as I make 12 wishes for the new year.