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Parker Family Health Center and Quest for Health Equity provide critical lab testing for Monmouth County, NJ residents

The Parker Family Health Center, which provides free medical care for Monmouth County, New Jersey residents ages 3 and up who are uninsured, has joined forces with Quest for Health Equity (Q4HE) to provide comprehensive, no-cost laboratory testing. The no-cost testing applies at the time of the patient’s medical visit and as a scheduled service at the health center. 

“This access to laboratory testing enhances our ability to provide timely and relevant medical care to our patients,” said Suzy Dyer, Executive Director of Parker Family Health Center. “Our patients come from diverse cultural backgrounds, many with significant socioeconomic barriers limiting their access to healthcare, especially diagnostic and laboratory testing.”  

Parker Family Health Center, based in Red Bank, New Jersey, received donated lab testing from Quest Diagnostics as part of the Q4HE initiative to support the center’s mission.

“We are proud to support this important program that gives access to lab testing that will help provide accurate and critical care to these patients,” said Michael Floyd, Senior Director, Q4HE. “We believe that good health should be within reach for everyone and by working with Parker Family Health Center, we are one step closer for these patients.”

“Our patients, staff, and medical professionals are delighted to have Quest for Health Equity partnering with us to ensure increased access to healthcare for all our patients,” said Suzy. “One of our patients recently shared with the phlebotomist that she is so happy that the bloodwork is now being done on-site.”

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