Resources for physicians

AMA/CDC Toolkit

These downloadable resources will help you create an effective program for prediabetes awareness and prevention in your practice.

  • Bilingual posters, handouts, emails, conversation guides, and phone scripts to help your practice promote prediabetes awareness, testing, and prevention
  • Tools for creating a prediabetes identification and referral protocol for your office and integrating it into workflow
  • Reimbursement guidelines
  • Other useful resources

National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP)

Encourage your patients to enroll in a local program affiliated with the National DPP, a CDC-sponsored initiative that seeks to reverse prediabetes through lifestyle modification.
Learn more about the National DPP and find a local program.

Online quiz

Refer patients to a simple, one-minute online quiz for assessing their prediabetes risk. Or download a printed version.

There’s more to know

Review the diabetes basics, see the stats, learn about other CDC program initiatives, and review emerging diabetes research and other topical information.

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