Physician FAQs: Sending Results to Patients Online

What are the benefits of sending results electronically to my patients?

Sending results electronically means greater office efficiency for you — less faxing, copying and pulling charts to give patients test results. Additionally, patients can be more accountable for their health and have access to their health information anytime and anywhere they need it. It's also one more way to show your commitment to delivering the highest quality care.

Does Quest Diagnostics partner with multiple Personal Health Records?

Physicians can send Quest Diagnostics laboratory results to patients through MyQuest™ and Microsoft® HealthVault™. Visit the individual service web sites to learn more.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to you or your patient to access laboratory results.

How do I get started?

If you are using Quanum™ eLabs Labs & Meds, you can start immediately.

If you do not have Quanum eLabs, or are unsure of what version you may be on,contact your Quest Diagnostics Sales Representative to get started. Your Quest Diagnostics Sales Representative can make sure you have the correct system to support sending results electronically.

What if I want to participate but other physicians in my practice do not?

This may be possible based on the way your office is set up. We encourage you to speak with your sales representative regarding the setup of your practice to ensure it will best meet your needs.

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Patient Participation

What are the requirements for my patients to participate?

Any patient with internet access can participate once they have these three things in place:

  1. A secure connection with your office
  2. An account with Quest Diagnostics 
  3. An account with one or more Personal Health Records 

Can a patient participate with multiple Personal Health Records?

Yes. Patients can receive their Quest Diagnostics laboratory results in MyQuest™ or a Microsoft® HealthVault™ Account. Each service is unique and patients should select the one(s) that best meet their needs.

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Releasing Results

Can I select the Personal Health Record on behalf of my patient?

You can recommend a Personal Health Record, but the patient ultimately makes the decision where they will store their personal health information.

How do I release results?

You can send results through Quanum™ eLabs. Results can be released on an individual basis, or you can set up an organization policy to automatically release all results, or only normal results — and you determine when the results get released. It is easy to set a delay in hours/days to allow your office time to contact patients first.

Do I have the ability to annotate the lab results that I send to patients?

When sending results individually, you will be able to add an optional note to each of your patients.

I use an EMR. Can I send patient lab results through an EMR?

If your EMR vendor has partnered with one of the Personal Health Records, you will be able to send results from your EMR. Otherwise, you can send results through Quanum™ eLabs.

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Are the Personal Health Records required to comply with HIPAA requirements to protect patients' medical records?

We chose to collaborate with a company that is committed to designing systems that will secure privacy and confidentiality. They are not regulated by HIPAA because they serve as a proxy for the patient. However, the Personal Health Record are designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information.

Patients must request that their lab tests be sent to the online service and sign a HIPAA waiver authorization form electronically on the Quest Diagnostics side. Once the lab results flow into the Personal Health Record they choose, patients may share their health profile with anyone they choose by giving their consent.

What measures are taken to ensure my patient's authenticity?

You will provide your patients with a unique, secure PIN, generated through Quanum™ eLabs. The patient will use this PIN, along with their last name and date of birth, to authenticate themselves when they first establish the connection between you and their Quest Diagnostics account.

Will the Personal Health Records share patient information?

Quest Diagnostics has chosen to partner with trusted companies that are dedicated to serving patients and protecting their privacy. They are committed to only share patient information with consent. Any sharing rights that a patient sets up can be revoked by the patient at any time.

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