Medicaid Coverage and Coding Guides

Policies for California

Below is a list of Medicaid coverage policies for certain tests or test groups. Certain tests or test groups may follow Medicare coverage policies. Click on the link(s) to find the coverage limitations and indications for the test you want to order.

Medi-Cal Limited Coverage List

Every Woman Counts Program

Family PACT CT/NG Testing

Family PACT CPT Code Grid

Family PACT Order Code Grid

Medi-Cal CA 125 Policy

Medi-Cal Ferritin Policy

Medi-Cal Fragile X PCR Policy

Medi-Cal hCG Prolactin Policy

Medi-Cal Helicobacter Pylori Policy

Medi-Cal Hep C Genotype Policy

Medi-Cal LH FSH Policy

Medi-Cal Molecular Pathology Code Correlation Chart

Medi-Cal NIPT QNatal Policy

Medi-Cal Nonspecific Diagnosis Codes

Medi-Cal Prenatal Genetic Carrier Screening

Medi-Cal Prenatal Testing Reminder

Med-Cal QuantiFERON TB Gold Reminder

Medi-Cal Update Cervical Screening

Medi-Cal Vitamin B12 Program

Presumptive Eligibility Program (PE4PW)

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