Receptionist explaining paperwork to patient in office.Easy Pay™ is the simple way to pay for your portion of lab testing

Credit cards acceptedLab testing is a separate charge from your doctor’s visit. We want to provide options that make it easy to pay for the lab testing you need. If you haven’t met your insurance deductible, have a copay, coinsurance, or if your insurance company doesn’t cover the cost of testing, there will be a charge.

That’s why we offer Easy Pay. With Easy Pay, you provide a credit, debit, or health savings card during your Quest Diagnostics visit. You’ll authorize an amount based on the estimated out-of-pocket cost of your lab test—but we’ll only charge your card if there’s a patient cost after we bill your insurance company.

Easy Pay is the convenient way to securely and automatically pay if there is a balance due. We don’t hold your funds and won’t charge you if your insurance pays the full amount. Whether you’ll owe a portion of lab testing completely depends on your insurance. If you have questions about your coverage, contact your insurance company.

How does Easy Pay work with my insurance?

Quest bills your insurance company first. Your insurance company determines whether the testing is covered under your plan. Any amount not covered is your responsibility.

How much will I have to pay?

The amount that you are responsible for depends on your insurance. Your responsibilities typically include copays, deductibles, coinsurance, and any testing services not covered by your plan.

If your tests are fully covered, Quest will not charge the card you provided at your appointment. If your tests are not fully covered, the charge to your card will not exceed the amount you authorized. If you owe more than the amount you authorized, we’ll mail you a bill for the remaining amount.

For example:

Infographic of how Easy Pay works.

Will my credit card be charged right away?

No, your card will only be charged after your insurance company determines whether there is an amount due for your lab testing. The process usually takes 1 to 6 weeks, depending on your insurance plan. In the meantime, we will not withhold the amount you authorize and won’t charge you if no amount is due.

Is my card information safe?

Your card information is not visible or accessible because it is encrypted, a security measure used to protect it.

How will I know if my credit card has been charged?

Provide your email address during your visit and we’ll send you an electronic receipt if we need to charge your card.

Will my credit card be automatically charged for future appointments?

No, each appointment is independent and requires you to provide a card and an authorization.

What if I still have questions?

Contact us at 1.866.MYQUEST (1.866.697.8378), and select option 1 (for Patients), followed by another 3 (for Billing).

Thank you for choosing Quest Diagnostics.