Oral fluid drug testing

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Oral fluid overview

Oral-Eze oral fluid collection
Oral fluid testing offers accurate results after a simple collection. When compared to other tests, it typically detects drugs closer to the time of use.

Oral fluid testing FAQs

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Why choose lab-based oral fluid drug testing? What is the detection window for drugs in oral fluid? What drugs are tested with oral fluid testing?

Marijuana detection

Marijuana drug testing

We examine trends in detection by drug test type, positivity rates in states with recreational marijuana use laws, and drug screening using Oral-Eze.

Oral fluid testing panels & cutoffs

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Our oral fluid drug testing panels yield reliable results that allow employers to screen with confidence.
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Advantages of Oral-Eze®

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Oral-Eze features a sample adequacy window that turns blue when a sufficient amount is collected.

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