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Healthcare information technology solutions


The pursuit of operational excellence requires a more customer-driven approach. It’s never been more important than it is right now to find a technology partner that can help you manage the explosion of healthcare data and convert it to an advantage. You need a partner that understands both the information required to serve clinical demands and the intricacies of operational processes. Quest Diagnostics helps healthcare organizations navigate these two worlds in ways that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. We understand the disciplines of operational excellence and are driven to serve customers. Our technology connects data to decision-making in tangible, value-creating ways.


Discover how Quanum® healthcare information technology (HCIT) solutions can help physicians analyze, connect, and engage to help improve care.

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Unlock proven healthcare information technology solutions

Quest Diagnostics® offers a robust suite of HCIT solutions, services, and expertise to support your operational and clinical needs. From workflow and patient management tools, to lab and technology solutions, Quest has what it takes to help your healthcare organization run efficiently.

Learn about our laboratory information system interfaces

Quest Diagnostics can implement reference laboratory interfaces with any laboratory information system (LIS). With experience from over 2,000 interfaces you can trust us to rapidly implement bi-directional interfaces for you.

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Discover our suite of healthcare information technology solutions

Quanum Lab Services Manager

Quest Diagnostics has made it easier to get all your lab-related needs met with one-stop convenience with Quanum Lab Services Manager. 

IntelliTest Manager

A flexible online tool to access new test information, and test updates and changes, and manage people in your organization who will receive email of monthly changes and special communications from the lab. You can filter based on your specific account utilization over the last 12 months, which makes it easier to keep up-to-date on changing test information. 

Find out how we’re making the lab experience simpler

Try Quanum Lab Services Manager, an easy-to-use offering for all your lab testing needs.

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Want to learn more about our suite of HCIT solutions?

Browse our library of brochures to get a detailed overview of our HCIT solutions' features and capabilities.