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Opportunities to advance value-based care through diagnostics: A survey of healthcare leaders

Research Paper

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Management & Operations

Most healthcare organizations see progress toward value-based care as a priority, but many have yet to take full advantage of lab and diagnostic data to accelerate the success of their value-based care strategies.

For many, lab may not be top of mind for opportunities to excel in value-based contracts. For some, progress toward value-based care is correlated with the use of diagnostic insights to improve overall health outcomes and diagnostic efficiencies that generate savings for the health system. Systems seeking to accelerate progress on objectives central to value-based care delivery may find these insights of interest.

To better understand areas where organizations have opportunities to advance value-based care progress through management and utilization of laboratory insights, Quest Diagnostics partnered with Modern Healthcare Custom Media to survey hospitals and health systems about this topic. The results indicate that diagnostics presents significant untapped potential for many.

This executive brief explores the results of the survey, from healthcare organizations’ degree of system integration to their progress toward the goals of value-based care delivery. We also share common barriers to testing efficacy and efficiency that were identified in the research and propose strategies for limiting waste and variation.

Page Published: November 10, 2022