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Upgrade to the 10.0 release to boost your organization's enterprise content management with:

Intelligent Data Capture

Chart and folder selector. When validating batches in IDC, the medical record number or account number may be missing or invalid on a document. To ensure that chart style documents are being associated with the correct chart, or folder style documents are being associated with the correct folder, users can now access the newly added Chart Selector or Folder Selector located within the IDC application to search for the corresponding chart or folder. Previously, the user would open another application to search for the correct chart or folder.

Attribute selector. This new page in IDC shares a similar approach as the Chart Selector, enabling users to search for documents by owner name while providing a more user-friendly interface for assigning values to attributes associated with the document type.

Whether paper, an electronic fax, or other format, IDC quickly and accurately captures the content and delivers to the appropriate systems for immediate access.

Search enhancements

Chart search. Enhancements have been made for chart searches, including 2 new panels on the Chart Search page, as well as enhancements related to viewing denied charts on the Chart Search Results page.

Document viewer. Enhancements have been made to the Document panel, enabling users to perform OCR searches on image documents in supported formats (.tif, .png, and .pdf).

Managing documents enhancements

Document management. The following enhancements are now available when using the web-based Document Management features:

  • Check-in/Check-out documents
  • Delete documents
  • External references
  • Manage annotations

Check-in/Check-out documents. Documents in the Quanum ECS desktop application are automatically checked in and out when a user edits and saves within the editor. PDFs can be manually checked in and out for editing in an external application.

Security enhancements

Security Manager—Document deficiency. System Administrators are now prevented from unchecking the Current Staff, Clinician, or Login Allowed fields in Security Manager for a user if the user currently has outstanding deficiencies.

Other enhancements

Messaging. Users can now send, receive, reply to, and forward messages from anywhere in the application, with and without the context of charts, folders, or documents.

Signing a document. Signatures can now be added to a document by either completing a signature deficiency via the signature box or by simply clicking Place Signature for a document without a deficiency.

Single sign-on (SSO). Customers can now use the SSO functionality to launch directly to the Chart Search Results page.

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