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Primary care is the first line of defense for patients experiencing symptoms of autoimmune disorders

Primary care providers (PCPs) know firsthand that recognizing autoimmune disease can be challenging due to vague, variable, and overlapping symptoms. That makes it even more important for you to get comprehensive autoimmune insights for your patients sooner, so you can make sure the next step on their healthcare journey is in the right direction. 

Why it’s crucial to get earlier insights through comprehensive autoimmune screening

 Delayed autoimmune diagnosis and treatment can result in permanent joint and organ damage and lower the chance of remission.1 It’s more important than ever for PCPs to use comprehensive autoimmune screening solutions due to: 



You are critical to helping improve patient outcomes.

 Learn more about healthcare trends that are shaping the PCP role in autoimmune care.  

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Autoimmune symptoms may be complex, but getting answers doesn’t have to be.

1  test code. 1 blood draw. 1 confident referral. More insights. Quest’s comprehensive screening panels deliver ANA results plus disease-specific insights that increase specificity, so you can enable a more qualified referral and a faster path to diagnosis. 

Help your patients get the care they need sooner

ANAlyzer - The analytic approach

ANA, IFA, with Reflex Titer/Pattern, Systemic Autoimmune Panel 1

Fixed panel of 20+ analytes that gives a full-picture view (whether ANA is positive or negative), to support differential diagnosis, especially for patients with more than 1 autoimmune condition
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Cascade - The reflexive approach

ANA, IFA, Cascade and Rheumatoid Arthritis Panel 2, with Reflexes

Automatic reflex panel that screens for the 8 most common autoimmune diseases, where positive ANA results reflex to a tiered cascade of specific antibodies.
Provider walking a patient through results

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