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Supporting the pregnancy journey with comprehensive prenatal genetics expertise

As a healthcare provider, prioritizing the highest standard of care for your patients comes naturally, especially with prenatal genetics. Quest understands the importance of confidence and expertise in this field. Our QNatal® Advanced screening and QHerit® carrier screening were developed with that in mind, ultimately to help you make informed care decisions for your patients.

Accurate, reliable prenatal genetic screenings are a non-negotiable when caring for patients before and during their pregnancy journey. Selecting a laboratory to provide these screenings is made easy with Quest. Not only do we have more than 30 years of experience in this field, we also have the robust clinical expertise and operational excellence that can provide a well-rounded suite of patient care solutions. Our specialized services rival those of boutique labs, but with the added advantage of the scale and resources of a comprehensive diagnostics company. Among other benefits, this means getting answers you can trust to inform the most important care decisions in the pregnancy journey.

Selecting a lab that can support all of your prenatal genetic screening needs is vital when consolidating care and streamlining patient needs. Quest offers an extensive testing portfolio and operates a full-service genetics lab, ensuring that you have access to the latest advancements in prenatal genetics. Our in-house follow-up testing for positive NIPS results, plus our comprehensive fetal diagnostics menu, allows for efficient and comprehensive patient care, all under one roof. Because of our broad range of prenatal testing options, you can easily tailor your approach to each patient's individual needs. Whether screening for common genetic disorders or more comprehensive testing, Quest has you covered.

At Quest, you’re never alone in your decision-making process. Our team consists of over 700 MDs, PhDs, DOs, and dozens of board-certified Genomic Science Specialists (GSS), of whom are here to provide expert guidance whenever you need it. From test selection to result interpretation and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way. We also provide direct support for your patients with post-test genetic consultation on any Quest genetic test result. No additional cost, and no appointment needed. 

Remove the challenges of working with complex administrative processes when you choose Quest. Quest offers streamlined administrative support, making it easy for you to order and manage tests, so you can focus your time and energy where it matters most—on your patients.

Don't settle for uncertainty or limitations from your prenatal genetic testing providers

Choose QNatal® Advanced NIPS and QHerit® carrier screening, and benefit from our broad and comprehensive testing portfolio, for all stages of the pregnancy journey. With expertise at your fingertips and dedicated support, you can elevate patient care to new heights.


Download our pregnancy journey brochure to see how specialization and expertise come together to support you in caring for your patients.

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