Quest Lab Stewardship

Better test utilization management can improve outcomes and reduce costs

Laboratory testing is the single highest volume medical activity in the United States with somewhere in the range of 4-5 billion tests performed each year in the U.S.1 Too often, an inappropriate test is selected, redundant tests are ordered, or a needed test is omitted.2,3

That lab testing activity represents US$73 billion of the US$3 trillion spend on healthcare in the United States—about 2.5%.1

With laboratory tests guiding up to 70% of all medical decisions, improvements in appropriate test selection in compliance with evidence-based guidelines have the power to radically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.3

Quest Lab Stewardship can help.

Optimize your lab test decisions

Quest Lab Stewardship offers self-service access to dashboard visualizations of order volume and spend data, which can illustrate trends to help reveal potential problems and opportunities for improvement.

The Dashboard contains key graphs, allowing you to quickly see testing volumes, spending trends, and other analytics in one place.

  • Reporting Tools allows you to generate custom reports to monitor your organizations' patient populations. Reports can be based on patient, practice/provider, test, and/or diagnosis for a specific period of time
  • Lab Utilization allows you to view overview graphs and generate test utilization reports that enable you to review and analyze your test ordering patterns

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