Informatics Data Feed

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As more patients come into the health care system every day – thanks to the Affordable Care Act and record numbers of individuals becoming eligible for Medicare/and expanded Medicare – it is critical for everyone involved in the delivery, management of and payment for services to stay informed of lab testing and utilization.

Payers need insight on test utilization and lab results to control costs, increase bonuses, protect their HEDIS rankings, and promote quality care. They also need objective data to drive productive conversations with clinicians who may be out of compliance.

And ACOs and FQHCs need to find ways to do more, with less: having timely information on tests and utilization can help them offer services for better patient management without adding staff or equipment or impacting productivity.

Product Overview

The Informatics Data Feed is an easy-to-use, Web application that is accessible through the Analytics Suite from Quanum and allows users to pull test data and results by patient, practice, test, LOINC, diagnosis code and/or date of service to create customized reports. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Informatics Data Feed, please contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative.

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