Hair Testing Overview

Quest Diagnostics envelope and tweezers for hair collection for drug testing

Hair testing for drugs of abuse provides up to a 90-day drug use history. Collections are convenient and tamper-resistant with results that are fast and reliable.

Hair Test with Quest

Test tubes for hair and drug testing in the laboratory

Working with an industry leader is always a sound decision. But we know that other factors come into play. As such, we’ve listed the top ten reasons why you should choose to work with Quest Diagnostics.

Hair Testing Resources

Brochure literature about the Quest Diagnostics hair collection for drug testing

Review our hair testing case study and see what existing clients are saying about their Quest Diagnostics hair testing program.

Process and Certifications

Scientists in laboratory performing hair testing and drug testing

Our hair testing drug panels yield reliable results that allow you to screen with confidence and look back at patterns of drug use.
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Hair Testing Collections

Quest Diagnostics yellow hair collection envelope for hair testing and drug testing

Locate a nearby collection site from more than 2,000 across the country. We offer resources to help you create the most effective hair drug testing program.
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