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Frequently Asked Questions

Click to reveal answers to many of the common questions below. If you need additional assistance, please contact ExamOne customer service here.

Patients are responsible for arranging payment for the collection fee via credit card at the time of scheduling. While the specimen collection will not be billed to the Health Plan, the laboratory tests performed would be billed as a health care claim to your Health Plan under the terms of the existing contractual agreements and in accordance with the Quest Diagnostics usual procedures.

Your mobile phlebotomist will collect your insurance information for your lab testing. Billing for lab testing is separate from the mobile specimen collection fee required when scheduling your in-home appointment.

A $55 fee applies for the in-home specimen collection and sending the samples to a Quest Diagnostics laboratory.

You may use any major credit card to securely submit payment for the collection service fee at time of scheduling.

Your health care provider will submit your lab order to Quest Diagnostics, or you can upload your lab order during the in-home collection scheduling process.

If you do not have a copy of your lab order, please enter your health care provider's name and phone number and ExamOne will request your lab order. ExamOne and Quest are not able to provide copies of lab orders to patients at this time.

You may reschedule your order up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled collection. Appointment changes made less than 24-hours of the scheduled collection will be charged the full collection fee.

There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $10, which includes ExamOne administrative fees. In some states, applicable taxes are non-refundable as well.

If you do not complete your in-home visit within 60 days of your purchase, your purchase will expire and you will be charged the full collection fee.

To make any changes to your appointment, please call us at 1.855.392.6361, between 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST Monday – Friday or email us at

ExamOne is only offering in-home collections currently.

All patients may choose to have their specimens collected at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. To schedule an in-center specimen collection, visit

A mobile specimen collection typically takes between 10 to 20 minutes.

Some blood tests do require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Please contact your healthcare provider to determine the requirements for your specific testing.

ExamOne and Quest Diagnostics are committed to protecting the privacy of your identifiable health information.

Our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we use and disclose your protected health information or PHI, our legal duties with respect to your PHI, and your rights with respect to your PHI and how you may exercise them.

Our emails and texts contain limited personal information; please keep in mind that such communications cannot be guaranteed 100% secure.

While we attempt to send emails securely, they may not remain encrypted during transmission. There is a risk that electronic communications, including emails and texts, could be intercepted or viewed by a third party. Once received by you, anyone with access to your email account or device can see your emails or texts. By choosing to receive electronic communications from Quest Diagnostics, you acknowledge and accept these risks.

Our Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice provide information about our privacy practices on our websites or applications that link to them.

The California and Nevada links supplement our Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice, and provide information that is applicable to residents of those states.

Your results will be sent to healthcare provider for assessment – usually within 2-5 days.

Results can also be accessed through MyQuest — Quest’s free and secure online health tool delivers easy-to-understand lab results directly to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

If you don’t already have a MyQuest account, you can sign up now for free at

ExamOne professionals are aware of the tests performed, however, they are not qualified to discuss testing reasons nor do they get results.