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Hep C Tests and Treatment

Hep C tests and treatment

Why testing is a “must”

The good news about Hep C is that if it’s caught in time, it can be cured—and the treatment is simple. The problem is that many Hep C symptoms are common to other illnesses. That’s why Hep C testing is so critical—and why many health guidelines now recommend that more people get tested.

Find out if you should get tested

Take this simple quiz to find out if you’re at risk for Hep C. 
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Fast facts about Hep C testing

Tests for screening and diagnosis

A simple blood test will tell you whether or not you have Hep C, and many private insurers cover this test for baby boomers.

However, the test is not part of your routine physical exam, so you need to ask your doctor for it. Once you have the lab order from your doctor, schedule an appointment at one of our more than 2,200 Patient Service Centers.

Make an Appointment

After talking to your doctor about Hep C testing, make an appointment online
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One blood draw, two types of Hep C tests:

Treatment for Hep C

If you test positive for Hep C, the good news is it’s treatable. The even better news is that treatment is simple. Hep C is treated with medications called “direct-acting antivirals (DAAs)” that help remove the virus from your body.

There are many medications available to treat Hep C, including newer options that are more effective and have fewer side effects than older medications. In fact, it’s thought that in the past few years, more people have been cured of Hep C than in the previous decade.

Learn about Hep C treatments

Find information on all the approved treatments for Hep C
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Fast facts about Hep C treatment

Hep C Tests and Treatment