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Hurricane Irma Updates

Hurricane Irma Updates

Please note that this post is being edited and updated as necessary to reflect evolving conditions.As Hurricane Irma continues on its path, we are doing everything possible to serve our patients and clients while protecting the safety of our employees in regions affected by the storm.


More than 150 Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers (PSCs) in the state of Florida are open as of Thursday, Sept. 14, with more opening each day. Reopening is based on local conditions, with southwestern locations the most likely still closed. To verify if a local PSC is open, please visit use the PSC location finder on our website: laboratories in Miami and Tampa are fully operational, as our most of our other facilities and logistic operations in the state, despite local infrastructure issues.


Several Patient Service Centers (PSCs) in St. Simons, Brunswick, and Kingsland remain closed due to local conditions. To verify if a specific PSC is open, please visit use the PSC location finder on our website:


Patient Service Centers (PSCs) are open as of Monday,  September 11. To verify operating hours, please visit use the PSC location finder on our website:


Our ability to continue to serve patients and clients during emergencies and as soon as possible after is the direct result of the dedication of our caring employees, including those in harm’s way and those safely located outside of it.As with our response to tropical storm Harvey, we continue to encourage employee donations to the American Red Cross and the United Way, which are eligible for our employee Matching Gifts program. Direct donations of needed items collected by concerned and generous employees throughout the company are also ongoing.A Quest Diagnostics Employee Disaster Relief Fund is in place to assist Quest Diagnostics employees affected by these storms, with employee donations matched by Quest. Loan programs and other corporate relief assistance programs are also available to employees who experience losses.